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"John has created a great environment in which to learn the Italian language. He gives you the tools and information to succeed while (most importantly) keeping it fun and interesting”

Steve L.

“I have been a student in this Program since its first ever session of Italian classes. I was a beginner when I started, and can truly say that my Italian skills have improved remarkably within the last couple of years as a result of the lessons; to the extent that I was actually complimented several times by native Italians on a recent trip to Italy! John displays a true sense of enthusiasm, passion, and patience in his teaching, and provides a fun and relaxed setting in which to learn, while assuring that each student benefits. I also enjoy the fact that the learning experience goes beyond the classroom with options to participate in Italian social events as well."

Doreen R.

"I’ve studied with John for over 2 years, from low intermediate to advanced levels. He utilizes a wide variety of teaching methods in his classes, including lyrics from Italian songs, pictures from magazines, and other games and exercises...all of which are designed to improve speaking ability.  In the upper level courses we read a contemporary Italian novel, which not only helps reinforce grammar concepts learned in class, but introduces students to Italian slang and idiomatic expressions.  You will not find a better combination anywhere!"

Robert Y.

"For anyone that has a passion for Italian culture and language, I would highly recommend John Jordan's Italian Program. Before joining, I enrolled in a class through a more "traditional" school and found it to be disappointing. I walked away knowing some basic Italian but it wasn't as fulfilling.. This Italian Program is not simply about learning a language, but it is also about creating relationships and building a family!”

Lindsay S.

“I have always wanted to study Italian.  These evening classes with John are perfect for me, since I work full-time. He tries to be accommodating and understanding of students needs.  Classes are challenging, yet relaxed at the same time.  John is sensitive and caring as well as knowledgeable, engaging and perceptive.  He is clear and well-organized. He supplements his classes with songs, worksheets, activities, and games to enhance vocabulary, grammar, and cultural learning.  We have weekly homework, complete with audio assignments.  Classes are challenging, but not uncomfortable. I look forward every week to going to class.  Often it is the highlight of my week.  Assistants are native speakers and classes are small so students get a lot of attention and help.  Teachers are accessible and helpful during the week as well.   There is always time for conversation and getting to know the people you study with.  I started the classes in the Fall knowing nothing more than "mangia" and moved from the beginner level to the advanced beginner.  It is also comfortable to repeat a class without any stigma attached.  The social aspect of learning Italian with John is an unexpected surprise for me.  Classes are fun and I've made new friends.  John is a gregarious person as well as a good teacher.  He often notifies classes of Italian related cultural events happening locally -- plays, movies, concerts -- and occasionally the group attends the event and goes out to dinner together as well. I absolutely love my Italian classes!”
Mary Ann W. 

“John Jordan is a terrific, creative and motivating instructor.  He always brings something new to the table and goes out of his way researching different venues that may be of interest to his students (Italian movies, wine tastings, traditional Italian music and dancing, to name a few...).  The classes are taught in a very intimate and quaint setting - no more than 10-12 students sit around a huge old wooden table, downstairs at Cafe Paradiso in the North End - Couldn't be any more 'Italian' than that!!”

Andrea M.

“John and his Italian assistant teachers make learning fun, they keep the class moving, and structure the courses so that there's a real feeling of accomplishment for the class members!  Their passion for Italy and the language adds real value to the simple act of teaching.”

Deb P.

“I like the serious structure of the class, mixed in with times of hysterical laughter. This is what makes learning fun!”

Kathy P.

All of our lessons will continue to be conducted online. See our schedule here.
For more information we can be reached by phone or by email.

For more information about our upcoming 'Orientation Meetings for New Students' click here.

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